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To activate or report a lost or stolen debit card

Contact debit card processing center: 1-800-472-3272 (24hrs/7 days)

To activate your new debit card:

All new debit cards will require activation before they can be used. Your new card will have a sticker with the activation instructions below:

  • To activate a debit card: Press 1
  • You will need this information below before calling to activate your card:
    • Full card number
    • Security code (three numbers on back of card)
    • Last four digits of Social Security Number
    • Expiration date
    • You will set a PIN at this time

You are only allowed three attempts to enter the information on the card correctly. After three attempts, if the information is still not correct, you will have to wait 24 hours to try again.

If you are unable to activate your card successfully, please contact a Customer Service representative at First National Bank of Kansas for additional help.

To report a lost or stolen debit card:

If your card has been lost or stolen, or if you believe fraudulent transactions have occurred, please contact your nearest First National Bank of Kansas location immediately.

If you need to reach us outside of our normal business hours, please call our Debit Card Processing Center at 1-800-472-3272 and follow the instructions below:

  • Please have your Financial Institution Name Ready: Press 2
  • Thank you for calling the Fraud Prevention Center: Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish
  • You have reached the Lost and Stolen Card Service Center
  • To report your card lost or stolen and to have your card permanently blocked: Press 1
  • In order to expedite your call, please have your Financial Institution Name available or r the number of your lost or stolen card
  • Please stay on the line for the next available card service representative
  • For Quality purposes your call may be recorded   
  • The following information may be requested:
    • Name of Financial Institution: First National Bank of Kansas
    • Your first and last name
    • Verify your address
    • Card you are calling about or the bank account attached to the card
    • Last activity on your card

Please note: it is in your best interest to keep your debit card number noted and stored in safe keeping.